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Coronavirus outbreak in China poses threat to the world

January 21, 2020  09:40

The number of new coronavirus cases in China has tripled over the past weekend.

According to the BBC, an outbreak is spreading outside the city of Wuhan, in which it was originally detected. Three people have already become victims of this virus.

Chinese experts have confirmed that the virus can still be transmitted from person to person. 

More than 200 cases of new coronavirus have already been reported; most are in Wuhan, but patients with this infection have been found in Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities.

Moreover, the disease is already going beyond China: cases have been reported in Japan, Thailand and South Korea, which means that it can be a potential threat to the whole world.

Little is known about the new infection. It is mainly transmitted by airborne droplets. The first patients, according to doctors, could be infected by animals.

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