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By 2028 people may have robotic hearts' transplantation

January 23, 2020  18:23

By 2028, people may have robotic hearts' transplantation, Daily Mail reported

According to the source, over 80% of patients who need a heart transplant die without waiting for surgery.

It is usually due to a lack of donor hearts, because not every heart is suitable for transplantation, but only that which corresponds to the patient.

Experts from the Netherlands and England are working on developing a soft heart that can pump blood like the real one. They are going to transplant the first working prototype to animals in 3 years, and to people, if successful, in 2028.

The new hybrid heart uses a synthetic material that repeats the contractions of a living heart, it also includes several layers of human cells grown in the laboratory. This is necessary so that the immune system does not tear away the new organ. Heart nutrition is provided through a wireless battery charged by a device that can be placed in a belt or pocket.

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