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Can one get coronavirus through parcels from China?

January 23, 2020  19:30

Parcels from China pose no threat to people: there is no evidence that 2019-nCoV coronavirus can be infected through them, RIA Novosti reported referring to the representative of the Aliexpress Russia.

More information about this may appear after a closed meeting that the World Health Organization convened to discuss this virus and ways to counter its spread.

The China post has promised to pay special attention to the parcels that pass through the office in Wuhan - this is where the outbreak began and it was there that most cases of infection were recorded. Parcels passing through this city promised to further disinfect.

An outbreak of pneumonia of unknown origin became known in December 2019. It turned out that the cause of pneumonia is the 2019-nCoV coronavirus, which, according to recent data, caused 17 deaths. Most fatal virus infections have been reported in Wuhan. The authorities closed the entry and exit from the city and two others. Due to the spread of the virus, access to the country's main museum complex, the Forbidden City in Beijing, will be denied from January 25.

Cases of infection are recorded outside of China: in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the US and Singapore.

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