Death toll in China coronavirus rises to 41

January 25, 2020  10:36

A death toll from the Chinese coronavirus 2019-nCov has risen to 41, and 1,287 confirmed cases have been recorded, Reuters reported citing Chinese health officials.

As reported by Chinese media, doctor Liang Wudong, 62, who was treating patients in the Chinese city of Wuhan was one of the victims. The exact number of infected medical staff is not reported.

The World Health Organization convened an emergency meeting to discuss the situation with this virus, but as a result of two-day talks, it was decided not to declare an emergency - at least for now. WHO experts intend to discuss the situation again in the near future.

The disease caused by the 2019-nCov coronavirus was detected in several major cities in China, as well as in Thailand, Japan, the US and Singapore.

Seafood Market in Wuhan is thought to be the starting point for the virus outbreak.

Travel restrictions were imposed in several Chinese cities. Many public places, including restarurats and cinemas in Shanghai have been closed.



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