Death toll in new coronavirus reaches 2,804

February 27, 2020  09:11

The number of new coronavirus deaths worldwide has reached 2,804. Fewer than 100 deaths have been reported for the first time in the past day, but the number of new infections continues to increase, especially in South Korea and Italy. There is no new data on Iran yet.

There are 435 new cases of infections in China, 334 in South Korea (the total number of infected there is 1,595), and 470 in Italy. A total of 17 new cases have been diagnosed in Japan where the total number of coronavirus patients is 189.

According to,throughout the infection outbreak, the highest death toll was in China (2,747), the second is Iran (19), followed by South Korea (13) and Italy (12). Three patients died in Japan, two in Hong Kong, one in Taiwan, one in the Philippines and two in France, as well as four aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Coronavirus infection has been reported in 48 countries. Yesterday the first case of infection was also recorded in Georgia.

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