Armenia tested 95 people for coronavirus, minister says

February 27, 2020  12:24

YEREVAN. — Armenia has tested 95 people for coronavirus, and all patients tested negative, Health Minister Arsen Torosyan said during the government's session on Thursday.

The minister assured that 69 trucks crossed Armenia-Iran border over last two days, and Armenian experts accompanied all vehicles. The goods were unloaded at special spots, and trucks returned to Iran.

Fifty-two Armenian nationals from Iran arrived in Yerevan on Wednesday and they were also accompanied by Armenian expert who had to check whether there are sick people on board.

The minister added that many argue that measuring temperature is not enough, but there are no measures that could be more effective.

“We do everything to prevent infection from entering Armenia,” Torosyan said.

He recalled that Iran had confirmed 19 deaths and 139 infection cases. Another person infected with coronavirus entered Georgia after traveling from Iran via Azerbaijan. Four people who contacted him on the border were isolated for 14 days and tested negative for coronavirus.

The minister recalled that novel coronavirus is not much different from H1N1 virus. Most of the patients have recovered from the virus. Moreover, most of them are recovering without drugs. Only five percent of patients face complications.



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