Minister of Health: No new cases of coronavirus among children in Armenia

March 19, 2020  15:58

YEREVAN. – There are no new cases of coronavirus among children in Armenia, the isolated children and their parents feel well; they have no symptoms at all. Health Minister Arsen Torosyan told reporters about this

According to him, as a rule, coronavirus is mild among children, and the experience of other countries has shown that there are usually no complications.

The child in Armenia who has been diagnosed with coronavirus feels well.

The lives of the other patients in Armenia with coronavirus are not at risk.

The 13 patients over the age of 60 also have no serious problems.

The passengers who arrived from Italy on the night of March 16 and were isolated also feel well. And if symptoms of coronavirus are not detected among them, a test will be performed only after their quarantine ends.

As for the "Armairnavigation" CJSC employees who were isolated in the administrative building of the company, such a decision, according to the minister, was made based on the peculiarities of their work. There is still no reason to think that they have been infected. If someone is diagnosed with coronavirus, the course of the disease will be mild, and they will probably not be hospitalized.


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