Coronavirus death toll rises to 10,047 worldwide

March 20, 2020  09:44

The death toll from the novel coronavirus has risen to 10,047 worldwide. There are 245,881 confirmed cases of infection, and there 88,465 people who have recovered, reports.

According to the source, coronavirus deaths in Italy now exceed those in China. In China, there were 80,967 infections and 3,248 deaths in the country during the epidemic, whereas there are 41,035 confirmed cases and 3,405 deaths in Italy.

There are 18,407 infections and 1,284 deaths in Iran, 18,077 infections and 831 deaths in Spain, 15,320 confirmed infections and 44 deaths in Germany, 14,363 infections and 217 deaths in the United States, and 10,995 infections and 372 deaths in France. South Korea, which was among the top a few weeks ago in terms of confirmed cases, is now eighth; coronavirus was confirmed in 8,652 patients, and 94 deaths were recorded there.

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