COVID-19 vaccine developed by Noubar Afeyan's company being tested on 45 healthy people

March 28, 2020  16:39

The experimental coronavirus vaccine developed by Moderna Therapeutics, founded by renowned businessman Noubar Afeyan, has been undergoing the first phase of research for two weeks now, Noubar Afeyan said during the online discussion on COVID-19.

According to him, the experimental vaccine is now being tested on 45 healthy volunteers, who were divided into three groups: each group receives different doses of the vaccine to find out which dosage is the most effective and safe.

The second phase of testing is ahead, after which, a larger study will be possible by the end of summer or the beginning of autumn.

All this requires considerable investment, he added.

According to him, Moderna Therapeutics had been working on the coronavirus vaccine for about two years.

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