COVID-19 mortality may be lower than thought - The Lancet Infectious Diseases

April 2, 2020  19:50

The death rate from coronavirus infection COVID-19 may be lower than expected.

According to a new study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, mortality from this disease can be less than 1%. 

As the researchers noted, the death rate from COVID-19 in China was 1.38% in the initial calculation. But when scientists calculated how many people transferred COVID-19 in China, they were asymptomatic and were not included in the statistics on morbidity, the mortality rate from the disease was 0.66%.

To find out the mortality rate among all people infected with coronavirus, including people with mild and asymptomatic forms, scientists checked how often this virus was found in people who were evacuated from Wuhan to their countries. In many countries, PCR tests for coronavirus were carried out for everyone arriving from this Chinese city, regardless of symptoms. The authors of the study also took into account data on morbidity and mortality among passengers of the cruise ship Diamond Princess.

Thus the data obtained suggest that the mortality from coronavirus is actually below 1%.

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