At least 25% of coronavirus infections are asymptomatic - New Atlas

April 2, 2020  22:27

COVID-19 is asymptomatic more often than thought: according to various sources, in 25-50% of cases, the disease is practically not manifested, New Atlas reported referring to Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“One of the [pieces of] information that we have pretty much confirmed now is that a significant number of individuals that are infected actually remain asymptomatic,” Redfield said in the NPR interview. “That may be as many as 25 percent. That's important, because now you have individuals that may not have any symptoms that can contribute to transmission, and we have learned that in fact they do contribute to transmission.”

According to Iceland’s lab testing, after conducting about 9,000 tests for coronavirus, experts were convinced that asymptomatic forms of the disease can develop in 50% of patients, CNN reported.

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