Coronavirus infected persons exceed 1 million worldwide

April 3, 2020  09:28

The number of infected from the novel coronavirus has reached 1,016,002 worldwide. According to, 53,224 people have died and 212,995 have recovered.

As before, the US tops the world in terms of COVID-19 infection. There were 245,193 cases of infected and 6,088 deaths there. Italy, also as before, is number one in the number of deaths and second in the number of infected. There are 115,242 confirmed cases and 13,915 deaths there. Spain still ranks third, with 112,065 infected and 10,348 deaths.

A total of 84,794 cases of infection have been confirmed in Germany where 1,107 people have died as a result of coronavirus. China, the initial epicenter of the epidemic, now ranks 5th in the world in both the number of infected (81,620) and deaths (3,322).

The situation is still very tense in both France and Iran. According to the latest data, there are 59,105 infections and 5,387 deaths in France, while 50,468 and 3,160, respectively, in Iran.

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