What we DO NOT know about coronavirus?

April 5, 2020  16:46

Although many scientists today are studying coronavirus, many questions remain unanswered. Here are just a few of them:

How many people are infected with COVID-19?

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the world has long exceeded one million. However, there are many people whose disease is asymptomatic and who do not even suspect that they are infected.

How deadly is coronavirus?

There are different data on the mortality rate of COVID-19 infection. It is known that about 1% of people infected with COVID-19 die. But if there are a large number of asymptomatic patients who are not included in the statistics of morbidity, then it turns out that mortality is much lower. According to a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, the mortality rate from coronavirus is likely to be around 0.66%.

What role do children play in the spread of coronavirus?

It is believed that the likelihood of developing complications due to coronavirus in children is very low, but it is possible that children can be carriers of infection. However, there is neither evidence that children really play a role in the spread of coronavirus, nor evidence that children are protected from complications.

Will warmer weather stop the spread of coronavirus?

It is still unknown. Influenza and SARS are more common in the winter months, but it is not known whether the warm weather will affect the spread of coronavirus. 

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