Spain in 2nd place with number of COVID-19 cases

April 6, 2020  14:11

Worldometers reports 1,285,262 coronavirus cases, 70,344 deaths and 271,847 recovered, reports

Based on the data provided by Worldometers, Spain has surpassed Italy with the absolute number of coronavirus cases (Spain reported 3,386 new coronavirus cases in one day, and there is a total of 135,032 cases). Spain has also reported 13,055 deaths caused by COVID-19 (414 cases in the past day), and is second in the world with the highest number of deaths as well. As in the past, Italy is still in the lead with 15,887 deaths and 128,948 coronavirus cases.

The US is in first place with the absolute number of COVID-19 cases (336,851 cases, including 178 cases in the last 24 hours) and 9,620 deaths (4 in the past day).

Germany is in fourth place with the number of cases (100,132), followed by France (92,839), China (81,708), Iran (58,226), Great Britain (47,806), Turkey (27,069) and Switzerland (21,176).

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