Coronavirus death toll rises to 74,782 worldwide

April 7, 2020  10:42

The death toll from the novel coronavirus has risen to 74,782 worldwide, and the total number of infected has reached 1,347,646 people. According to, 286,453 patients have recovered.
Currently, 986,411 patients in the world are receiving treatment, and 47,396 (5%) of them are either in severe or critical condition.

The coronavirus has already penetrated into 209 countries and territories. The United States remains the world's leading country in terms of the number of infected and the third-in mortality due to the novel coronavirus; throughout this pandemic, 367,650 cases of infection and 10,943 deaths were reported there. A total of 72 patients died in the US of coronavirus in the last day, and the infection was diagnosed in 646 new patients.

Spain is in the second place, both in terms of the number of infected and mortality. A total of 136,675 infections and 13,341 deaths were registered there so far.

Italy ranks third in the world in the number of infected (132,547), but first in mortality (16,523).

China ranks sixth in the world in the number of infected (81,740) and seventh in the number of deaths (3,331). In recent weeks, the rate of spread of this infection has dropped significantly in China, where only 32 new cases of infection have been reported in the last 24 hours.

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