COVID-19 may pass through 2 types of masks when coughing - Annals of Internal Medicine

April 8, 2020  13:20

Neither surgical nor cotton masks can deter the spread of COVID-19 if an infected person coughs: viruses pass through these masks, Annals of Internal Medicine reported referring to a new study.

Medical masks are a very popular means of preventing airborne infections today. But how effective are actually they? Scientists have found that masks do not allow coronaviruses and influenza viruses in the air exhaled by an infected person. But, as it turned out, masks are ineffective if a person coughs.

Scientists from the university in Seoul studied four patients with COVID-19. Each of them was asked to cough on a petri dish five times without a mask, through a surgical mask and through a cotton mask. The specialists examined the inner and outer surfaces of the masks for the presence of viruses and all three cases have recorded the presence of the virus.

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