Armenia health minister: Coronavirus circulation has gone out of control

April 10, 2020  14:00

YEREVAN. – Previously, 50 cases of the novel coronavirus were detected daily in Armenia, but all from one source; for example, in one workshop. But now 16, 20, 30 cases are found, but from 10 to 20 different sources. Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan stated this during Friday’s meeting of the Standing Committee on Health Care and Social Affairs of the National Assembly of Armenia.

According to him, now we cannot consider that the spread of the coronavirus is stopping and 100% fading away in the country.

"The circulation of the virus, as such, has gone out of control," he said. “Our task is to find every possible case, to do the same actions: to test, to confirm, to isolate the whole environment, to cure, to discharge already healthy; we have to do that as long as we have the strength. When we become exhausted across the country, nationally, we will take out some actions, we will leave the testing and treatment only, we will not do isolation as it will be meaningless.”

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