Vitamin D foods are good for heart, research says

April 13, 2020  23:42

Eating foods high in vitamin D may have a protective effect on the heart, as scientists from the University of Arokopio (Greece) found out.

According to MedicalXpress, the study was conducted during 2001-2012 with the participation of 1,514 men and 1,528 women who lived in the Greater Athens region of Greece. In the lowest, middle, and highest categories of vitamin D intake, cardiovascular events (such as heart attacks and strokes) occurred in 24%, 17%, and 12% of men and 14%, 10%, and 11% of women.

Unlike vitamin D supplementation trials that have shown modest to neutral beneficial effects on heart health, this study showed that increased vitamin D intake from food sources may protect against heart-related problems, especially in men.

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