Hydroxychloroquine used to treat COVID-19 can be dangerous, study claims

May 19, 2020  17:33

Hydroxychloroquine is not only not effective against coronavirus infection, but can also be dangerous for the body due to side effects that it can provoke, shine.cn reported referring to a new study.

Scientists have recognized that hydroxychloroquine may contribute slightly to healing and reducing symptoms of COVID-19 infection, but brought more complications.

The research conducted by Ruijin Hospital studied 150 COVID-19 patients recruited from 16 Chinese hospitals between February 11 and March 20. And patients were divided into two groups: one with hydroxychloroquine plus standard care and one with standard care only.

“We didn’t find significant differences between the two groups,” said Dr. Xie Qing, director of Ruijin’s infectious diseases department.

About 85.4 percent of patients with hydroxychloroquine tested negative for COVID-19, compared with 81.3 percent of the other group. The average symptom relief time for the first group was 19 days for the group with hydroxychloroquine and 21 days for the others.

Scientists noticed that the frequency of adverse reactions from taking hydroxychloroquine was 30%, which is much higher than 8.8% in the second group.

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