European health regulator promises quick test of potential COVID-19 cure  

May 30, 2020  10:40

The European health regulator has promised to conduct a quick test of a potential drug for COVID-19 - remdesivir from Gilead Science, but said it has not yet received an application from an American drug manufacturer, Reuters reported.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said its human medicines committee's (CHMP) timeline to assess the drug would be "reduced to the absolute minimum".

Two weeks ago, the regulator told the European Parliament it may give an initial green light for sale of remdesivir as a COVID-19 treatment, which will quickly bring the drug to the market in the face of fierce global competition for resources.

There are currently no approved drugs or vaccines for COVID-19.

The US, earlier this month, granted permission for the emergency use of remdesivir for the COVID-19 treatment, paving the path for wider use of the drug, but has not yet approved it.

Final approval is at the discretion of the European Commission, but it usually accepts and endorses the recommendations of the CHMP.

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