Deaths in COVID-19 patients hooked to ventilators is lower than thought to be, study claims

June 6, 2020  16:15

Mortality in adults with severe COVID-19 is lower than previously reported: 50% of deaths were reported in the past. However, a study published in Critical Care Medicine showed that on average 35.7% of patients requiring artificial ventilation die.

Nearly 60% of the patients whose data were included in this study recovered and were discharged from the hospital.

According to, the study authors analyzed data on patients over 18 years old who were treated in six intensive care units for coronavirus infected in Atlanta, US, from March to April.

As the authors noted, several factors could have influenced the results of the study, including the fact that all patients with severe COVID-19 were hospitalized in existing intensive care units, where there were employees and all the necessary equipment.

The accompanying first editorial discusses the role of media and social networks in spreading the view that intubation and mechanical ventilation were the 'cause of suboptimal results' for critically ill COVID-19 patients, without taking into account the staff of the hospital and the lack of equipment.

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