100,000 more people will die of COVID-19 in US by September, scientist claims

June 12, 2020  11:50

By September, 100,000 more people will die in the US of COVID-19, according to Ashish Jha, a doctor at Harvard Global Health Institute.

In an interview with CNN, he noted that within the current rate of COVID-19 cases confirmed, the number of deaths will hit a record.

That prediction from Dr. Ashish Jha would put the US death toll well past 200,000.

"And we won't be done," Jha said. "It's really stunning to me that we have this much suffering and death, and we're just not doing enough about it."

According to worldometers.info, the US has confirmed 2,089,825 COVID-19 cases, while the death toll has reached 116,035.

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