Study claims Japanese health supplement could help tackle COVID-19 in people with comorbid conditions

June 20, 2020  17:31

Japanese dietary supplement based on beta-1,3 / 1,6-glucans produced by Aureobasidium Pullulans black fungi can help treat COVID-19 in patients with diabetes, kidney, and heart diseases, Frontiers in Immunology Journal reported referring to a study.

According to, substances secreted by a strain of fungi known as AFO-202 enhance immunity by increasing the number of immune killer T cells, immunoglobulins, and anti-viral cytokines. This effect has been observed in healthy people, in cancer patients, and older people through three different studies conducted in Japan.

This substance does not lead to excessive activation of the immune response and even acts as an immunomodulator - it balances the immune response. According to the researchers, the supplement can be actively used by people with COVID-19 and concomitant diseases.

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