Study claims bandanas are least effective DIY face mask

July 5, 2020  16:34

Many people nowadays do not wear special medical masks, but home-made ones, including bandanas and scarves.

However, according to a new study, bandanas are the least effective DIY face mask.

Florida Atlantic University scientists were experimenting with different nonmedical masks to determine the most effective face covering to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Click Orlando reported.

"They "delivered" a sneeze or cough from a mannequin head wearing varying face coverings and used lasers to detect respiratory droplets. The results showed that droplets from an uncovered cough were able to travel more than 8 feet.

Droplets from a bandana-covered cough traveled 3 feet," it is noted. "With a folded cotton handkerchief, droplets traveled 1 foot, 3 inches, and with the cone-style masks, they traveled about 8 inches.

Stitched-quilting fabric masks were the most effective, with droplets traveling 2.5 inches."

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