Armenia parliament ex-speaker: We can reduce new COVID-19 cases to 30-40 a day in 2 months

July 10, 2020  13:24

YEREVAN. – Thanks to the measures being taken in Armenia, the number of new cases of the coronavirus infection is decreasing. If the work is continued, we can reduce the number all the way to 30-40 per day in two months. National Assembly ex-speaker, doctor and professor Ara Babloyan stated this in a conversation with Medicine.

"Of course, our goal should be to continue the measures, both in outdoor areas as well as inside the working organizations and institutions. In that case, if the work is continued, we can reduce the number all the way to 30-40 per day in two months. We must continue the measures until the vaccine is available, and preventive vaccination of the population will begin," said the specialist.

Asked whether the number of new cases registered in Armenia may start growing again, Babloyan mentioned that such a thing can happen for two reasons. "One, if we weaken the preventive measures (…). And the second reason may be that we make the number of daily tests reach 3,000-4,000 by creating new test labs. In that case, of course, we can detect more [cases], but it will not have its negative significance; on the contrary, it will give an opportunity to further clarify the number of infected and easier to manage the detected cases," he said.

And touching upon the preventive measures being implemented in Armenia, Ara Babloyan mentioned that, in his opinion, they are necessary and one should not rely only on the awareness of the population. "Maintain the approach that public health issues and economic development are strongly interconnected, and you cannot have a developing country without a healthy population," Babloyan concluded.

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