Armenia ranks 11th in number of COVID-19 cases per million inhabitants

July 21, 2020  16:35

Armenia ranked 11th in the number of COVID-19 cases per million inhabitants.

On July 7, the country was in 9th place in the world, and on July 10 it returned to 10th place.

According to, 35,254 cases were reported in Armenia - 11,896 cases per million population. The death toll has reached 662: this is 223 deaths per million population - Armenia is now 23rd in the world in this respect.

Qatar is now leading in terms of the number of cases per million of the world's population (107,037 reported cases, 38,121 cases per million), leaving behind French Guiana (6,745 reported cases, 22,557 cases per million population), and Bahrain (36,936 cases, 21,677 cases per million population).

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