14,98% of Armenian doctors have COVID-19 antibodies

August 7, 2020  17:45

The Armenian health ministry has presented a brief description of the results of COVID-19 antibodies research.

The study was conducted on two main components: antibody testing and survey. Antibody testing covered blood sampling and in vitro serological testing.

Data collection was carried out from June 12 to July 16, 2020.

The study involved 1,148 health workers from 14 medical institutions.

Antibodies to COVID-19 were found in 14.98% of them: 774 health workers from 13 medical institutions participated in the survey.

The total number of medical personnel involved in the study was 769 people, 18.5% of whom were found to have antibodies to COVID-19.

Moreover, the greatest prevalence of antibodies was found in radiologists.

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