Russia doctors perform unique operation to remove two tumors at once

August 11, 2020  13:34

Specialists at the Volgograd Regional Uronephrology Center in Russia have performed a unique operation, reported.

As a result, two tumors were removed from a patient at the same time through small incisions.

The surgery lasted only four hours.

The patient, Vladimir Zudin, is preparing to be discharges from the hospital and is already making plans.

The physicians at the aforesaid medical center remember only the most difficult and strange surgeries they have performed, and this is the case with Zudin, too.

"The patient had prostate and kidney cancer at the same time, which, as we know, are located in completely different places. They are two completely different and independent cancers that have occurred in the patient at the same time, and each posed its own risk and required timely treatment," said Dmitry Perlin, the Center's chief physician.

The surgery was performed by a modern method of laparoscopy, five half-centimeter incisions were made, and the two tumors were removed.

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