Girl dies from severe head trauma got 15 years ago

January 17, 2015  17:28

When little Baylee Rose Duggins was just 3 months old, she was hospitalized after being shaken by her biological father. She died after 15 years, Fox News reports.

Baylee suffered sever head trauma and the resulting brain damage left her to see, to walk, to talk or eat on her own.

Her mother, Shannon Stiles said, it was harder for her to heal. She died from pneumonia-linked respiratory failure, and the coroner ruled her death a homicide as a result of being ''shaken as an infant.

A country prosecutor intends to bring a second-degree murder charge against her father, Christopher Schwanz. The latter was convicted of second-degree child abuse in 200 and served two years of a 46-month sentence.

The girl started to decline last month, and her mother decided to take her off life support this month.

''They let me in bed with her, and I just wrapped myself around her, held her hand, wrapped my knees around her knees, and let her take her last breath'', told the girl's mother.

She said that her daughter liked music a lot. She also asked people never to shake their children when they are crying whenever they are mad or upset.

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