Doctors find 3cm-long leech in throat of woman

13:31   6 July, 2019

The 65-year-old Ms Wang went to her doctor in China after coughing up blood and complaining of 'something moving' in her throat, Daily Mail reported

During a bronchoscopy in the respiratory throat, doctors discovered a 3cm-long leech.

Medics then reportedly froze the leech using dry ice and peeled it from the walls of the pensioner's throat.

“Leeches go into hibernation at low temperatures, so I sprayed a carbon dioxide freezing agent on it, lowering part of its body to minus 80 degrees Celsius. It froze, and then its suckers to release from the patient's trachea wall, allowing me to remove it,” Dr Yao Hongmei said.

Photos: AsiaWire

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