Scientists recommend people with pre-diabetes to walk at least 20 minutes per day

09:50   15 July, 2019

Experts recommend people with pre-diabetes to walk at least 20 minutes a day - this will help reduce the risk of developing a heart attack and stroke, said scientists from the University of Leicester (UK).

Pre-diabetes is considered the precursor of full-fledged diabetes mellitus. If a person with pre-diabetes smokes, the threat to blood vessels increases significantly, since the negative effect of nicotine increases on the background of a violation of glucose metabolism.

The above scientists have found that walking helps people with impaired glucose uptake protect themselves from threatening heart attacks and strokes.

Project participants suffered from pre-diabetes and were overweight. For them, scientists have drawn up a lifestyle change program that provided for physical activity at least 150 minutes a week. The researchers used pedometers to record how many study participants went during the day. They also compared the data obtained in different periods of life - before the experiment began, during its implementation, and also 12 months after the final.

Experts found that every 2000 additional steps a day reduced the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 10%.

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