Astghik MC introduces new study to detect JC virus that affects brain

12:11   15 July, 2019

For the first time in Armenia, Astghik MC has introduced a new analysis to detect the JC virus (Human Polyomavirus 2), manager of Astghik Medical Center, Marina Manukyan, told Medicine.

According to her, a new analysis is carried out by PCR (polymerase chain reaction); its sensitivity reaches 92%, and specificity - 98%.

The JC virus stands for John Cunningham in 1971. People usually become infected with this virus in childhood; It is estimated that about 80% of the population has this virus. However, while the immunity is strong and active, it successfully suppresses the virus, but if the immunity weakens, the virus is activated, causing a number of problems.

The new analysis was introduced at the initiative of the head of the neurology department of Astghik Medical Center Hovhannes Manvelyan. The fact is that the active JC virus causes neurological disorders: it affects the white matter of the brain, which, depending on the location of the damage, can lead to epileptic seizures, paralysis of the limbs, problems with vision and a number of other problems.

Patients with AIDS usually experience progressive hematological neoplasms (Hodgkin's disease, chronic lymphatic leukemia, etc.) as well as people who receive immunosuppressive therapy (for example, after transplantation of organs or autoimmune diseases).

In the past, only MRI was used to establish the diagnosis, however, the new analysis makes it possible to more accurately ascertain that the patient has the JC virus and to find the right solution.

According to Dr. Manukyan, it is possible to take a test for a virus at any time and the answer will be ready the next day.

At the moment, the laboratory of Astghik Medical Center is the only one in Armenia where a study is being conducted on the detection of JC virus.

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