How to prevent senile asthenia syndrome?

22:30   5 August, 2019

A large-scale study published in the JAMA Network Open magazine helped establish that senility does not depend on age and can be prevented.

According to Richard Ofori-Asenso from Monash University in Melbourne (Australia), senility can be controlled with protein supplements and muscle exercises.

Scientists observed the life of about 50 thousand people living in 20 countries of the world. During the three years of observation, approximately every third elderly person who suffered from senile asthenia suddenly recovered, and a quarter of them got rid of all signs of decrepitude.

To understand the causes of the phenomenon, scientists studied the data and the results of studies that covered more than 120 thousand elderly people from different countries representing different socio-economic groups. Scientists wondered how often the elderly faced senile asthenia, and what led to this process.

It turned out that these problems in women are twice as common as in men. The probability of developing fragility was influenced not by age, but by the level of physical activity and various chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, heart problems). However, senile asthenia is less common among residents of developed countries and people with a high level of education and income.

According to scientists, this suggests the possibility of combating this condition, which can contribute to physical activity, proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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