New breast cancer blood test could help avoid unnecessary surgery

16:37   10 August, 2019

A new blood test is 100 times better at spotting malignant cells in patients battling early-stage breast cancer than other methods, and this could help patients avoid unnecessary chemo or surgery after initial treatment, a research suggests.

The personalized test, called TARDIS, detects “circulating tumor DNA” (ctDNA)” in patients.
As part of the respective experiment, TARDIS was applied to 80 blood samples taken from women at different stages of breast cancer.

As a result, the analysis found ctDNA in each patient—and even before treatment began.

One of the persons behind this research, Professor Carlos Caldas, director of the Breast Cancer Programme at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre, said the sensitivity of TARDIS is extremely important in terms of stopping or changing treatment

But an extensive examination of more than 200 patients is envisioned in order to confirm the effectiveness of this test.

The scientific article based on the results of this research is published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

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