Man, 68, loses his leg, infected with deadly bacteria on beach

17:22   11 August, 2019

Bruce Kagan, 68, was admitted to The Hospital of Central Connecticut in New Britain after he began to feel sick contracting carnivorous bacteria on the beach, NBC reported

"It's all because of a little cut. It's all it was, a little cut. Nothing more, nothing less," Kagan noted.

Bruce was enjoying his time on the beach in Connecticut, but a few days later he felt a sharp malaise. Doctors diagnosed him with necrotic fasciitis. Despite treatment for several weeks, doctors amputated his leg.

The man still cannot believe that the cause of all his troubles was a small cut on his leg. Despite his disability, Bruce notes that he is happy to stay alive.

"I've got 20, 25 years left on this Earth. I'm going to make it good. That's what I'm going to do," Kagan said.

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