Dental tissue regeneration may become reality

11:03   12 August, 2019

Molecular biologists from the UK have come close to creating drugs that can regenerate tooth tissue, Nature Communications reported.

Bing Hu of the University of Plymouth and his colleagues discovered the signaling molecule Dlk1, which controls the formation of dentin. It is Dlk1 that helps rats and mice maintain their teeth in a “working” state throughout their lives.

During the study, scientists found that Dlk1 causes stem cells to actively divide and form dentin, as well as other types of tissue.

According to experts, this may well find application in the regeneration of damaged teeth. The experiments carried out on rats confirmed the scientists noted that by filling holes in the molars of rats with a drug containing Dlk1, they managed to heal the pulp and restore dentin.

Scientists plan to continue their research to help create technologies for the full restoration of teeth.

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