Why you shouldn’t drink coffee and tea during heatwave?

19:01   15 August, 2019

Proper nutrition in the summer will help the body more easily tolerate additional loads that arise due to hot weather, endocrinologist-nutritionist Asmik Abovyan told NEWS.am medicine.

She highlighted the importance of observing the rules for storing and processing food. Products should be fresh, they should be stored in the refrigerator, cutting raw and prepared meat or fish on one cutting board is prohibited, she noted.

According to her, there is no need to drink coffee and tea during the hot weather as we need less energy.

Regarding the recommended amount of fluid consumed in the summer, the expert notes that the body of a healthy person has a complex system for regulating the water-electrolyte balance. Caution should be exercised by older people: they may not be aware that a deterioration in health (weakness, palpitations, tachycardia, shallow breathing) may be associated with dehydration.

“Meanwhile, a healthy person has a powerful mechanism for regulating the water-salt balance,” she noted adding that popular drinks as tea and coffee can cause dehydration.

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