Boy, 5, faces rare disease which doesn't have name

14:21   15 August, 2019

Ollie Lloyd, 5, is the only person in the world who suffers from a rare disease that has no name, Daily Mail reported

He cannot walk, talk, sit, or even raise his head due to a chromosomal mutation. The boy is blind, has partial hearing loss, and up to 100 attacks occur on the day. Doctors cannot give accurate predictions regarding further improvements or worsening health conditions.

His parents were forced to quit their jobs and devote all their time to looking after him. Earlier, their friends and acquaintances managed to raise about 4,500 pounds to help the family make ends meet.

According to experts, Ollie has a deletion, that is, chromosomal rearrangements in which a chromosome site is lost. Developmental abnormalities were detected at the 20th week of pregnancy. Doctors initially believed that the cause was Down's syndrome, but further tests were negative. The couple was offered to terminate the pregnancy, but she refused.

Olli was born with problems with the heart and pulmonary artery, as well as pathology of the development of the feet. Due to severe epileptic seizures, he cannot attend school for children with special needs. In addition, he recently underwent a tracheotomy. Parents try to provide the child with everything necessary, but the boy has a one-of-a-kind chromosomal abnormality, about the consequences of which the doctors have no information.

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