Why doctors do not recommend drink diet soda?

09:38   20 August, 2019

Many people think that diet soda is less harmful than regular soda, but in fact, everything is completely wrong: new studies have shown that although diet soda is less caloric, it can still cause irreparable harm to health due to artificial sweeteners and other substances contained in it, Northern Star reported

According to the source, two cans of diet soda per day increase the risk of stroke by a quarter, the risk of developing a heart attack - by a third. Compared with a person who has never tried diet soda, those who love these drinks will have a 16% higher risk of early death.

Such aeration is also dangerous for brain and may increase the risk of dementia. One can of soda with an artificial sweetener with daily consumption is enough to increase the risk of Alzheimer's by 2.9 times.

Earlier, two labourers from the Indonesian province of Jakarta have died after drinking too many energy drink

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