Couple from Colorado adopts embryo

11:40   4 September, 2019

A couple from Colorado has adopted an embryo, Yahoo reported

Michele and Bobby To, from Colorado, have revealed how they adopted an embryo that was originally conceived by a donor couple in March of 2016.

“It feels a little like Alex was waiting for us, frozen for three years,” Michele said.

Her eldest son, Lathan, was conceived using in vitro fertilization in June 2013, but was Michelle's only viable embryo. All subsequent attempts to give birth to Lathan’s younger brother or sister were unsuccessful.

Michelle and her husband thought about adopting a child, but then they saw an advertisement for a process called "adoption of embryos."

“When couples have extra embryos when their family is complete they have a decision to make,” Michele noted.

So Michele and her husband, another couple who already had their children, donated their remaining embryos, which were frozen for 3 years.

Although this process is called adoption of embryos, it is not legally qualified as such.

In 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that about 284,385 cycles of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) were adopted in the US, resulting in 78,052 newborns. The CDC said that the main type of ART recorded in the US is IVF, with about 1.7% of all babies born in the USA born with ART.

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