Study says complete rejection of meat increases risk of stroke

21:20   5 September, 2019

A complete rejection of meat can lead to a number of health problems and increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke - cerebral hemorrhage, Daily Mail reported reported referring to scientists from the University of Oxford, who for 18 years monitored the condition of approximately 50,000 people. 

Vegetarians and vegans have a 20% higher risk of stroke compared to meat-eaters due to a deficiency of certain vitamins in their diet.

The study showed that vegetarians and vegans often have lower blood cholesterol and lower levels of key vitamins, including B12. At the same time, vegetarians have a 22% lower risk of cardiovascular disease than carnivores. Pescatarians - those avoid meat but eat fish - had a 13 per cent lower heart disease risk.

Experts recommend meat-eaters to reduce the consumption of red or processed meat to 90 grams per day. However, completely abandoning meat is probably not worth it.

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