Healthy snacks for schoolchildren: Some tips from nutritionist

17:23   8 September, 2019

Now is the time to think about what your children will eat at school tomorrow. School cafeterias usually do not sell the healthiest foods, so if you want your children to not eat sweets and sandwiches with sausages during breaks, it is advisable to prepare a snack for them.

Nutritionist Gayane Shahatuni told Medicine some healthy snacks ideas for schoolchildren:


The easiest snacking option for a break is fruit. Fruits contain many vitamins and minerals that are useful for the child, and although they certainly will not replace a full meal, they will give the child energy for the next couple of hours. Another plus is that fruits do not need to be cooked - just wash them, cut, pack in a lunchbox. If you choose the fruits that the child loves (including bananas), he will surely willingly eat them during the break.

Together with fruits, nuts can be put in a lunchbox, they are very nutritious and contain many useful nutrients. If desired, fruits can also be replaced with dried fruits.

Dry bread

Take a thinly sliced ​​potato for chips or high-quality whole grain bread for crackers, prepare a mixture of herbs, spices and butter, dip the potato or pieces of bread in the mixture and fry in the oven. The child can even take the resulting chips and crackers with him to school.


You can also buy natural yogurt for your child.

If you buy ready-made products, be sure to read the composition and pay attention to the shelf life: if it exceeds several days, this means that the product probably has a lot of preservatives. It is better to choose the most natural cheeses and yogurts that can be stored for a maximum of several days.

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