Extra kilogram of deep belly fat is dangerous for women, scientists say

16:30   10 September, 2019

The scientists from Uppsala University (Sweden) conducted a study with over 325 thousand participants to conclude that deep belly fat is especially dangerous for women, Medical Express reported.

It is known that visceral fat might lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other ailments.

“We were surprised that visceral fat was more strongly linked to risk of disease in women compared to men. Adding an extra kilogram of visceral fat can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes more than seven times in women, while the same amount of fat accumulation only increases the risk a little more than two times in men,”  one of the co-authors, Dr. Åsa Johansson said.

The specialist explained that when gaining weight, the risk of developing diabetes increases significantly in people with small or moderate amounts of deep belly fat. At the same time, the appearance of additional fat in a sufficient full person has less harmful effects.

The experts believe that the main cause of abdominal obesity is overeating and lack of physical activity, including exercises.

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