Woman thinks she is pregnant, but it was tumor

18:40   10 September, 2019

Grace Baker-Padden, 23, from County Durham, had multiple positive tests and morning sickness after the growth made her body mimic pregnancy, Mirror reported.

Grace was taking a contraceptive, so she was very surprised when the test showed two stripes. Grace checked the result three times, and then went to the doctor, who confirmed that she was really pregnant.

“Grace, of Willington, Co Durham, began vomiting every day – which she put down to morning sickness. And she put the “very mild” swelling in her belly down to pregnancy. After noticing spots of blood she saw her GP at eight and 10 weeks, fearing she was having a miscarriage,” the source noted.

Joe, 28, said: “There was no baby shape – it looked like a bunch of grapes. The midwife said it looked like a ‘molar pregnancy’, and went to find a doctor. We googled and saw it sometimes meant cancer. We began to panic.”

It was a molar pregnancy – gestational trophoblastic disease – which is caused when a non-fertilised egg implants in the uterus.

Grace underwent chemotherapy for several months. Now she is feeling well, and tests show that the tumor is destroyed. And doctors have warned of a 15 per cent chance it will happen again.

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