Former spouses sue clinics after they give birth to Asian baby

11:54   13 September, 2019

Former spouses from the US state of New Jersey sued the reproductive clinic due to the fact that after the in vitro fertilization procedure they had a baby from another man, Business Insider reported.

Drew Wasilewski and Kristina Koedderich of New Jersey said in an interview that aired Thursday on “Good Morning America” that they went to the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science in Livingston in 2012 when they were struggling to get pregnant with a second child.

The DNA analysis confirmed that Drew Wasilewski really is not the biological father of the girl. As a result, the mistake of the doctors of the reproductive clinic became a cause for discord in the family, which subsequently led to its collapse.

Former spouses claim to have spent about $ 500,000 on reproductive services.

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