Mom in Manchester feeds takeaways to dying obese child

17:21   13 September, 2019

The mother continued fed takeaways to her dying obese baby, BBC reported.

A 13-year-old boy whose name is not disclosed suffered from overweight problems from early childhood. By the age of three, he weighed more than 30 kilograms. According to a judicial investigation, even before lunch, a teenager consumed more than 2,000 calories.

School doctors were worried about his health and advised him to walk more.

The mother, however, did not heed these tips; moreover, she was indignant that the school interfered in the upbringing of her child. She continued to take her son to school by car.

On the recommendation of a physical education teacher, the teen followed a special diet, went in for sports, and attended self-confidence courses. At the same time, all this was kept secret from the mother.

In December 2014, the child was hospitalized with scalp problems and complained of joint pain. He did not come to the next appointment.

As a result of obesity, the boy developed cardiomyopathy - a heart disease that leads to a weakening of his functions. And since the boy had too much weight, transplanting a donor heart was contraindicated.

According to the case file, a few weeks before the boy’s death, his mother continued to feed him with takeaways.

Experts say the child died due to inconsistent treatment. Doctors tried to help the patient without exchanging information. A general examination of the child’s health was never conducted.

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